Issue with teamspeak and tokovoip

I play GTA R.P. I open teamspeak 5 sec after teamspeak crash always…
3 month… i try and crash always or this say channel switch this work and after 15 sec channel switch dont work…
Things done:

  • Added TS3 to the Firewall
  • Reinstalled TS3 and Tokovoip
  • Installed an older version of TS3
  • Deleted FiveM Cache
  • Reinstalled FiveM
  • Reinstalled Windows and wiped the PC
  • Open TS3 in administrator mode
  • Open TS3 in compatibility mode (Windows 8)
  • Installed previous version of Tokovoip (1.5.2)
  • Unplugged all USB’s
  • Tried two VPN’s
  • Tried another provider internet!

Another method i can try to fix this issue? Pleaseee

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