Licenceses problem HELP?


I have a TS3 Gamer License::Gamer License 128 slots/2 servers, i already have one TS3 server and i want to put my licence to another one but i have a problem, when i put licence that TS3 server is every time shuting down i don’t know why? Can you help me please?


  • You were moving a virtual server from one instance to another while both instances were running.
    • Moving virtual servers between two running instances is currently not reliably possible. You need to restart the instance you moved the virtual server to, which will cause the virtual server you moved to shutdown in the old instance if it hasn’t been already.
      If you do not restart the target instance after the move, the virtual server will shutdown within an hour. It cannot be predicted whether it will shutdown in the old or the new instance.
  • You attempted to start a virtual server in an instance that previously crashed or was forcefully terminated.
    • If the old instance was not cleanly shutdown or was otherwise unable to inform our servers of being shutdown, our systems will continue to assume the servers are running for a period of 3 hours.
      There are safeguards in place to prevent this error from happening, however they only work if the virtual server is automatically launched with the instance (virtualserver_autostart=1). If your virtual servers are set to not launch automatically when the instance is started (virtualserver_autostart property is 0) the instance will report that it is running empty. Now when you attempt to start your virtual servers, the next time the instance reports to us it will have servers running, but according to our data these servers are still being run in the old instance that crashed or was forcefully terminated.
  • You got two instances running that use the same database with the same settings.

Stop your old server correctly, copy over your license file to the new host and start the server again.

I don’t have a accsess to old machine to delete license… can i delete somehow from Customer center?

You cannot open 2 servers on different machines with the same license. What if you can do is reduce the server that has 128 slot to open another server in the same instance where you already have the main server with the license. between the 2 servers it has 128 slots. not 128 slot for each one. For example, you have a 64-slot server, you can open another new 64-slot instance. I don’t know if I explained it well

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Ohh ok. Thanks!

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