Lost NPL License in Datacenter Fire

I am the owner of a small italian gaming community that we happily ran since 2017. Our services have always been up including our licensed TeamSpeak server and we couldn’t be more happy to use it.

Unluckily our services were located in the OVH datacenter that caught fire on 03/10, to be more detailed, in the part where exactly the fire started. Sadly we lost everything we could lose and all our services went obviously down.

After a lot of hard work by our team we were able to restore an old backup we luckily had on another location, and even now we are working hard to restore all the services like they were before the incident.

The hard part about this is that, since we lost all, we also lost the file for our license, so we cannot restore the performance of our services like they were before. We know NPLs are not issued anymore, that’s why i am here asking for help on how we could restore our server like it was before.

I kindly ask if someone could give us an hand given this tough moment. We have always believed in TeamSpeak as our #1 service that we all love to use.

Thanks for your attention and support, I’m sorry if this is the wrong section to post this.


In case the license is still valid then the Sales department may resend it to the email where it was registered on.

Here on forum we can not do anything license related.


Thank you for your answer.
I am sorry i posted on the wrong place maybe, but we really needed an hand to restore our services as quickly as possible.

Yes the license is still valid, i just have an old copy of it that of course won’t renew.
We sent an email 1 week ago to [email protected] but unluckily we still didn’t get any answer. Unfortunately we need to restart the services as soon as possible in the non limited mode.
I will try following the link you posted, thanks for the support!

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If you already did send a mail then a new ticket is not required.
You would bump your own request back to the end of the requests.


Sure thing, thanks for the tip.
I hope we will be able to get the service back as it was before the incident as soon as possible.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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We were given the license back and we were able to restore all of our services in the full state, thanks TeamSpeak :wink:


if you have any Questions or Problems feel free to create a Sales Ticket. :slight_smile:

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