Lua plugin docs

Where can I find documentation for this plugin?

Hey @Mezir, have you found a documentation?

Hey @Mezir @pp371, did you find something?

You might find more information here Lua Documentation.

Lua function definitions are shipped with the plugin.
%APPDATA%\TS3Client\plugins\lua_plugin contains multiple files.

  • ts3defs.lua with all constants/enums for function calls. Stuff like codecs, etc.
  • ts3events.lua lists all available events you can register to and their parameters
    • and all functions are documented as a comment at the end of this file
  • ts3errors.lua contains error codes that some functions return
  • testmodule is a sample on how to build your own lua extensions
    • best start with this and extend it to your needs. just copy the folder and rename
    • start editing with the init.lua and go from there

documentation is spread all over those files.

There are some caveats with this lua version however.

  • I had issues last I tried with loading native code
  • popen stopped working at some update (not sure if it was ever fixed)