Making ts5 more passive

Is there any plans to make ts5 more passive than ts3? IMO the only way to make people migrate from discord to ts5 whenever its ready for full launch is to make it more passive. by passive i mean, seeing the server when you’re not in a voice channel, seeing different text channels while you’re not in their respective voice channel. theres a lot of features i can see people overlooking, but people have become accustomed to lurking in servers and no matter how much i wanted to, i dont think i could get my friends to migrate to ts5 on launch as a result of this. I understand the fact that ts3/ts5 servers are the same thing so as a result it might not be possible, but i imagine if a seperate server client was created for ts5, it should be possible. I’m sure this has been brought up, but my search came up with nothing.