Mein ts 3 Chrasht die ganze zeit

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Error: 201

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This report does not really say anything.

Please read the top of this post and scroll a bit down to
Your client has crashed (or does not start on Windows)?

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Moin und zwar ich brauche hilfe weil ich sonst keine Ahnung davon habe weis du das oder?

mfg xXxGamerPascal2210xXx

Note that the forum is English only.

What @Rikku’s redirect (TeamSpeak - Official TeamSpeak Community Forum) means:

Your post is missing important information.

Please show your crashdumps.
You can find them in the following directory: %AppData%/TS3client/crashdumps

What client version and operating system are you using?

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Guten tag wie soll ich das denn Hochladen soll ich ihr ein Link reinmachen von google drive oder

You can upload it for example via Google Drive or Dropbox.

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Du sollst auf English antworten!!! -> You Should Answer the Questions they ask in English.

Thanks for Understanding.

Im not sure if this helps you,

But maybe you could try to reinstalling the Teamspeak 3 Client and try out if it works then, too you could just copy the crash dumps into the chat…

greetings Olf

Hello, I have to reinstall it all over the place but you are there are the Chras dumps