Merchandise from first Merch Drop never arrived

in 2018 I ordered Merchandising from the first Shopify Shop. It never arrived and I always tried to contact someone but it never arrived. So maybe there is someone from the staff here, who can help me out with my order.



I’m sorry for you that your merchandise didn’t arrive. But we cannot solve your problem in the forum.

Please send an email to [email protected] and provide as many details about your order (order number, name, address, etc.) as possible.


I wrote to them after posting here and never got an answer. I included the whole Mail from the Order with all details. Back then I also did this and I also never got an response from them. Maybe someone from the staff here can ping them? :slight_smile:

Did you still get no reply?

If that’s still the case lease send a copy of that mail to our sales department. They are informed about your case already. The email address is [email protected]

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Okay I wrote the eMail to sales. I hope it gets resolved. :slight_smile: