Microphone problem sounds like in cavern

Hello to all of you,

I’m posting a message here because despite several days of research I can’t find a solution to my problem.

I currently have a sound problem when I speak into my microphone, mainly on teamspeak and slightly on discord. I explain myself:

I have an elgato wave 3 microphone. When I speak the sound does not sound natural, it does not give a clean sound but a sound a bit “cavernous” as if I had an echo. At first I thought it was the room where my PC is, but when I record myself with audacity or with the “voice recorder” application of my PC the sound is perfect.

If you have a solution I’m interested because this is a real problem on teamspeak.

I thank you in advance.

Have a nice day

Have you checked the options in “digital signal processing”?

Yes I checked all in this section

Does this happen to you in different channels or different servers?

I’m not sure since I use ts on a server only. I can only say that it does it a little on discord but the problem is solved by lowering the mic strength

Then it’s a problem with your microphone.

That’s what I thought too but why would the sound be perfect on audacity and “voice recorder”? Moreover it’s a problem I had with my previous microphone and it’s not solved with the purchase of this one.

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