Missing information about users in a channel


when you compare TeamSpeak 3 with TeamSpeak 5, you don’t know in which channels you can view.

So you don’t have the ability to see the users in channels in TeamSpeak 5.

My suggestion in this suggestion would be not to change anything in the design, but to add a small info on the right side.

Visibility: True

Of course the visibility function should be based on a boolean (true, false).

Do you have other suggestions or do you think that this feature is not relevant?


Okay, didn’t notice until now. For me it’s not really relevant but it’s nice to have.


Hiding that in the “info panel” doesn’t seem very intuitive to me. Sure, you can put it there as well but it doesn’t visualize that the channel is considered “private” very well.

Maybe the little channel “box” icon should use outlines or be semi-transparent instead to really visualize that the channel is somewhat “hidden”.

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Okay, using semi-transparent icons is also a good idea. However, this is another factor that causes more confusion for uninformed users.


My “fear” is that the TeamSpeak user base may be more used to learning how TeamSpeak works than TeamSpeak is used to learning how users work.

From a UI perspective, TeamSpeak 3 was pretty much like TeamSpeak 2. Both had a rather old fashioned UI that was not always easy to use. 5 is something new.

Now there are long-time users like me who are used to “the way things worked back in the day” and new users who are used to “the way things work today”.

I find it hard to tell what causes confusion and what doesn’t for anyone but myself but I’m trying.

I think that new users may not know what the channel info window is all about and get confused because they expect to see people but there’s only an empty channel tree.

Therefore, I suggested to visualize the fact that users may be hidden right where the problem occurs:

in the channel tree

How that visualization might look like is up for the UI designer to decide.

I’m by no means an UI expert. I wish I was so I could design my own UIs more intuitive. :sweat_smile: