Moved to new server for domain, cname and srv copied but not working for custom domain

Hello, I changed servers for my dedicated hosting with the TS’s custom domain on it.
Everything was copied over including the CNAME and SRV entries within cPanel, but is now not working.
Below is what I have setup as of now, can someone please assist to what I’m doing wrong?
These settings below were working on the old dedicated hosting server, but when switching to this new one (everything copied/moved over) it now does not connect.
Any insight is appreciated, thank you very much!

P.S. I have 2 domains setup as there was an old domain that people used to connect to ( = old / = new).

-Custom TS domain: and
-Setup via cPanel
-Teamspeak error message: “Failed to resolve hostname ‘’”

cPanel settings:

Hey, thanks for the detailed reply!

So I have my SRVs setup as you directed, but still have an issue with the A record.
Basically, my TeamSpeak IP is either ( or (
I have the company Mainvoice as my official host, so not sure if I have an actual IP address available.
The A record needs a IPv4 address and AAAA record needs a IPv6 address (none of the above were eligible).

Before I didn’t have either an A or AAAA records setup, only CNAME and SRV.
Is there something I’m missing?
Screenshots below, please let me know what you think.
Really appreciate your support on this, need to get the ( / working asap!

P.S. I have the Priority as 0 and Weight as 5 (before they were both 0).
Also changed the target to (, was previously ( for both SRV records.

Ok scratch that, it just came up and is now working.
Assume it just took awhile to update, but I really appreciate everything FakE.

-Edit: Gotcha, will remove the ts3 CNAME.

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Sounds good, thank you for everything.

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