Multichannel Audio Out

Hi, I’m a sound engineer who uses Teamspeak every day, I’ve been searching for weeks not for a way of assigning each user an individual audio output.

I’m wondering whether there is a pre-existing way of doing this
if not is it even possible at all

why the hell do I want this?
TeamSpeak is by far the best quality consumer VoIP solution and as such it has a tonne of potential for remote contribution in a broadcast audio situation with one exception, every user gets output to the same audio device/ channels. (a pro multichannel AoIP solution would run into the thousands of dollars)

I’m assuming each user gets their own audio stream (otherwise 3d sound would not be possible and there would be a noticeable quality drop when many people speak simultaneously) if so then surely there’s a way of separating their outputs.

thanks in advance for your help!

Hey fellow sound guy!

Yes the streams are separate. I believe the plugin API offers some ways to grab the streams, however I am not sure whether you can playback to another channel from a plugin.

Hey Oli. It depends on what you want to do exactly.
The TeamSpeak Client > 3.4 has the built-in multi-track recording feature.
This will write every clients voice into different files in a specified folder (filenames are the usernames).

If you want to grab audio and process it into different audio devices you can use the plugin api to get access to the raw audio streams. Be sure to set the recording flag on the client so that others know they are being recorded though!

If you don’t know how to program but want a solution anyways. There might be a possible hack to get teamspeak to write into socket files under unix and then attach them to pulseaudio sinks. But I’d rather not recommend doing it that way.