Music Bot dosnt work

Ok … I am new but the music bot doesnt work right… sometimes it will play 2 or 3 songs them stop…I go to the web interface… then the media Browser… Select the one with the most songs …It plays a couple of songs then stops playing sound… Its still running but no sound… also it want start up half the time… I payed extra for this and it’s crap…

Bots are not officially supported by TeamSpeak.
If the bot came with the server installation it it most certainly a TeaSpeak server (without the m).
Those servers are not developed by TeamSpeak.
If the server is a third party extension to the server you need to contact the developer of the bot.

In my experience all bots are somewhat unstable as there is no easy way of implementing something like this.

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I got it through team speak TS3 Musicbot

Version 4

I guess you are talking about this: TS3MusicBot - Music for TeamSpeak and Discord Server!

As stated above this is the wrong forum. This forum is only regarding official TeamSpeak development.
So you will need to ask here:

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@Gamer92000 is right.
Its from us at then.
Write us in our forum about your issue:

Or use our ticket system and write us a message:

We will help you.