My email got deleted

So Hello. I have a big problem. so first i can still acces my account but my email got deleted by my mother and i want to change my email to my new one.
And my 2. problem is. I have a private Teamspeak 5 server. but i cant enter it because now i need a password for it. Is there a way to solve both things?
(change mail and reset server password?
my current email is: [email protected]

Hello @ToLegitNames.
To the 1st Problem… The E-mail change can only be done on the myTeamSpeak Website and requires access to the old one, because a validation mail is send to the old one to start the progress. And as long the validation did not happen the E-mail to the new address won’t be send. To the 2. Problem please write to the TeamSpeak Support they can help you with this.

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Ok Thank you

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Sorry that i cant say more about your Problems. :frowning:
But i hope the TeamSpeak Staff Support will help you fast. :wink:

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Hello @ToLegitNames,

For the 1 Problem you can try to “re-register” the old E-Mail if your Mother delete them.
I don’t know if the E-Mail Provider will release the names after deleting them, but at least it’s worth a try.