My server is from 2017 and group ids growing and growing

Is there a way to reset this?

My newest group had an ID from 64893

The group ids are automatically generated via the database. It increases with each new group you create. Unless you want to set up a new server, by this I do not mean another instance, you should NEVER try to change them. You would have to interfere with the database, which can ruin the entire server.

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Is this number limited?

I think Temaspeak could done a better solution than this.

I don’t think so, but if it is, you probably won’t reach the limit that quickly :sweat_smile:

Technically it is limited.
But the value depends on which database you use for the server.

And what is that better solution?


The better solution would be, that the ID is gonna be deleted when no longer it use, whats the reason that its just growing even when the ID’s that it was used for are already deleted groups/channels etc.

Implementation side

From a data management perspective, it is way easier - and thus performant - to simply keep increasing the IDs. You only need to store the last ID used and when creating a new group simply increase that by one. If on the other hand, you want to reuse deleted IDs you would need to either iterate through all entries, which takes time, or store all deleted keys, which uses storage that is more or less useless.

Usability / Security side

I am sure this is NOT why it is the way it is, but imagine you are using an external bot that has a set of privileged groups. When you now delete a group you need to remove that ID from the bot. Not doing so is atm not clean but viable, as IDs are not reused. But when you now create a new group with the same ID that should not be privileged with the bot, it would still be, as it still has the old record from the old group.
This is more or less the reason why you should NEVER reuse database keys.

I would rather rethink your approach to server groups… When you are really up to 65k that means that you created over 25 server groups a day on average. This sounds like you are programmatically creating new groups which they are definitely not meant for.


It should be mentioned that with Teamspeak server hosters like nitrado or Zaphosting, the server groups already start with such enormous numbers, or with the import of backups, if I remember correctly.

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