"My Teamspeak session expired" on Client 3.5.1 "Sync Features are unavailable at the moment."

Multiple customers of mine are complaining that:

I just updated to TS v3.5.1 and keep getting the following msg.

My Teamspeak session expired

Sync Features are unavailable at the moment.
Please enter the password for your current account.
If you skip this, you can visit settings later to perform a new login.

[email protected]

Message comes up every couple of minutes and crashes whatever game I am in.

The issue is still happening over multiple days. When I get the client log file from customer I dont see anything that stands out.

  1. Is there any known issues with the myteamspeak login/sync system?
  2. Have you heard complaints like this recently? I tried searching the forum but didnt see anything although its possible I missed it.

Thank you for your help on this. We actually have people blaming us and canceling because its so annoying.

Thank you
Ben with TeamSpeak3.com

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