Myteamspeak HELP

i login in my myts and all groups on server lost [i have this options] i need use “recovery key” but i dont have it ;/ i lost all my friends/groups on server after format PC

Just for your knowledge, you use Recovery Key only when account can’t be decrypted (eg. after password change).

Formatting PC doesn’t force you to use Recovery Key at any point, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t backup it somewhere safe.

If you don’t have any group or anything related, check in Options if you use correct Identity, cause on fresh install it may change to Default one and you need to change it manually.

If used Identity is correct than it probably means that you haven’t check Automatic Synchronization. If that’s the case, than you need to ask Server Admins for Groups once again.

i lost all badge, servers, groups just all. I have automatically save
microfon on key doesnt working to only always activate ;/

microfon working. need change keybind list to basic

Sorry, but have you read what I wrote? Or should I try to translate this to other language (if of course possible)?

Please read carefully, then check everything I said and after that answer back.

I had synchronization turned on now I also have it and it doesn’t work.

Switching it on now does nothing, if you haven’t had it turned on before format. Check your Identites if there exists any other beside Default one.

If not, sorry, can’t help.

I had it enabled before the format. and does not load my badges[ i have badges on myts side after login]

Then either you’re logged in to another account or myTS servers have problems right now. Check back later. Stuff happens.

P.S. Just in case, @TS.ChrisR @TS_Chris, could you help?

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Can you login now to your account?

I’m still on the account, but I don’t have any ranks or friends etc, relog doesnt working 2

The relog isnt working? Have you any kind of error in your log?

only this if i want join to any server [right corner]
“myteamspeak account notification”
“teamspeak server could not verify the ID myteamspeak”
reinstal/relogin doesnt working


You changed your password and now HAVE to use the recovery key.
You said you don’t have the key (anymore).
Then all you synchronized data is lost.
There is no way of getting it back.
The server is perfectly fine.
You can cancel this and select fallback in the settings.
This will clear all synchronized data and you can use the account again.

Zmieniłeś swoje hasło i teraz MUSISZ używać klucza odzyskiwania.
Powiedziałeś, że nie masz już tego klucza (już).
Wtedy wszystkie zsynchronizowane dane zostaną utracone.
Nie ma sposobu, aby je odzyskać.
Serwer jest w porządku.
Możesz to anulować i wybrać awarię w ustawieniach.
Spowoduje to wyczyszczenie wszystkich zsynchronizowanych danych i będziesz mógł ponownie korzystać z konta.

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I tried to find this key in the email and nothing other than ts3 password reset message. i dont have. I never delete emails

The key is shown when you created your myTeamSpeak account.
You could have generated a new one while still having the old password.
After the reset there is no way of getting it back if you did not save it.

Klucz jest wyświetlany podczas tworzenia konta myTeamSpeak.
Mogłeś wygenerować nowe konto, mając jeszcze stare hasło.
Po zresetowaniu nie ma możliwości odzyskania go z powrotem, jeśli go nie zapisałeś.

if I know the old password is it possible to recover it?I’ve been using myts3 since 2018 so it’s long time to lose my key. you will think about it, because such situations will be more common for other users. I have access to the entire email account with triple verification, and I can’t regain access to my account, thanks

The problem is that your data is encrypted with your password (for security reasons).
Thus after you change the password you need something else to decrypt it (the recovery key).
The recovery key is fully independent from the password. But you access to the decrypted data to change one of them AND keep the data.
You can’t generate a new password and a new key out of nowhere.
So there is really no way to get this data back. sorry!

Problem polega na tym, że Państwa dane są szyfrowane hasłem (ze względów bezpieczeństwa).
Dlatego po zmianie hasła potrzebujesz czegoś innego do jego odszyfrowania (klucz odzyskiwania).
Klucz odzyskiwania danych jest całkowicie niezależny od hasła. Ale masz dostęp do odszyfrowanych danych, aby zmienić jeden z nich i zachować dane.
Nie możesz wygenerować nowego hasła i nowego klucza znikąd.
Więc naprawdę nie ma sposobu na odzyskanie tych danych. Przepraszam!

If the account password is changed using the client, then you do not need the recovery key! The client will simply encrypt the data with the new password and upload that. Everything is fine.

If however you reset your password on the website, then you will need your recovery key. If you did that without knowing your recovery key (which you do need to confirm you have to reset your password) then you cannot get your data back.

It is vitally important that you do keep your recovery key safe and private while still accessible to yourself, in case you do forget your account password and have to reset it. Without your recovery key it is not possible to decrypt your data after resetting your account password.