MyTeamSpeak ID ban issue

I have an “empty” permanent MyTeamSpeak ID ban set on my server. Though there is an issue with several members not being able to join even though they are using a MyTeamSpeak account.

They are using the latest client version and we are on the latest linux server version.

There is a checkbox called smth like “Send myTeamspeak ID” in the Bookmarks and in the new connection window. maybe that’s not ticked.

The only thing I see is “Enable MyTeamSpeak features”.

That is what fabm3n is talking about. If this option is unchecked, all myTS features are disabled for this server (connection/bookmark), which also includes the myTS ID.


Yes, thanks @Brady_The
I didn’t knew how it’s called exactly in english because i only use Teamsoeak in German.
There are some Pictures: Twitch Integration - #8 by LKNickname

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