MyTeamSpeak synchronizing is buggy

Hello there,

since the creation of my “myTeamSpeak” account I have the problem, that no elements (Identities, Contacts, Favorites, …) whatsoever are synchronized. If I open for example the identities view on my Windows machine, there are no listed identities but the cursor has thelinfinite loading spinning wheel.
On other machines, regardless of the OS there are no items synchronized.
And yes, I do have automatic element synchronization option enabled.

As it seems, this is rather a bug, than a error on my side, but the support has rejected me and told me to go here. I was one of the early adopters of myTeamSpeak and the issue has been there since then.

Has anyone else experienced the issue or knows a way to fix it (e.g. modify local files or something idk)?


Synchronization will only work when items (bookmarks, identities, hotkey profiles, whisper lists) are listed in Synchronized and not in Local. Please make sure that you dont have any of this in the Local Area, and make sure that are shown in synchronized. :slight_smile: I have no clue of this, because by me is all working fine. :slight_smile:

Are you sure your items where in Sync and not in Local (offline) section?

Just having Sync activated is no guarantee, that your items have been added to your account.
There are several ways to leave your stuff offline, even when Sync is activated.

I can’t even move the specified items into the synchronized list, as the mentioned eternal loading spinning wheel is there and the items do not get listed. Thus I asked if there is any way to locally move these files for example.

Screams like you are not even connected to myTeamSpeak or not logged in for sync.

Check your client log for errors and when you did reset your password then enter your recovery key.


Upon your post I looked up my old E-Mails and found out, that I indeed did a password recovery request 1 1/2 years ago. I am not able to find my recovery key. Is there any possibility to reset the myTeamSpeak account to a specific state from a PC?

1 1\2 years?
So you had to enter a key or made the fallback but got a new key already
OR ignored the problem since this
OR you never did reset it
OR set the old password on reset.

  • You only get a new recovery key for current synced data in case you are logged in and the client did decrypt your login.
    This needs to be done in the account settings in the client and is only possible when… (see above).

Else you must do a fallback.

  • You are sure that everything is fine? CHECK THE CLIENT LOG.

  • Reset = Fallback but only possible when you get asked for a recovery key.