Need help to set default channel to another channel

translating, ish… <11:10:15> invalid channel indicator

im trying to set another channel as default but i keep recieving this error, what can i do?

Can you give some more information on the channel settings, so we can see if there is the cause of the problem.

Also maybe check if you have the required permissions:

b_channel_create_with_default to create a default channel or
b_channel_modify_make_default to modify a channel to be the default channel

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Its the first time i am renting a server… so everything is new to me… could you tell me how do i get the info you need?

You can see the channel setting by right clicking it and choose edit channel. But as you are renting the server I think there is something blocking you from changing the default channel. You may reach out to your provider and check that.

The permissions are correctly set, but a workaround can be to just rename the current default channel to be the new one and chaning the order to be the desired one. Also change the permissions of the channel to be as you like.

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