Need permissions back!

Can someone tell how reset all permissions on teamspeak, i set permissions and for some reason i screwed up. Now i can not change any permissions on the server.

Thank you

I can help you up DM me

i advice use a test identity for this :smiley:

how do you do that,

i’m locked out from all permissions on teamspeak, should i just unistall it and start over

how do you do that, i’m very new to all this

If you have your server query login data you can use PuTTY to connect via Telnet to your server

would it be better to uninstall it and start over

If not restart your server and reset your server query password by using a parameter

I don’t know how hard you screwed it up

If you did a small mistake you can fix it by using the server query, else i would reinstall the whole server

If you don’t know how to use the server query and you havn’t spent that much time in setting your permissions just reinstall the server

server group shows guest

So your server admin group still exists and you are currently a server guest?

Just use the server query to give yourself the server admin group back (tutorial)