New Audio Codec: Lyra

Google releases new audio codec that requires only 3kbps and sounds much better than Opus under 6kbps, again almost (but not so clear) on par with Speex in 3kbps

Demos in the article below.


Given that this codec is specifically designed for stupidly low bandwidth, I personally don’t think it’s relevant to be using such codec in TeamSpeak.
Like, who uses a 56k modem these days?


yes, basically correct, but if you listen properly you will notice that Lyra is better than Opus and needs less kbps. Is not only for slow internet.

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Found today :slight_smile:
Google releases the source code for Lyra, its a low bitrate speech codec.
Interesting for Teamspeak developers ?


why does everyone want to put this on ts ? :smiley:
you talked like that 6-10 KiB/s would be a lot.
did you see the dc? there’s an interesting way there no one complains about eating 10x of that.
plus the interesting thing is that they both use the same codec
just sayin :smiley:


It’s not open source yet:

Please note that there is a closed-source kernel used for math operations that is linked via a shared object called We provide the library to be linked, but are unable to provide source for it. This is the reason that a specific toolchain/compiler is required.

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Link is not working.

Thanks for this additional info :+1:

Lyra is a new codec designed by Google and it’s open-sourced.
It’s low-bitrate but the quality is still better than opus

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That’s interesting, might be worth taking a look, perhaps as a feature once TeamSpeak launches out of its TS5 beta?

At this point of development we do not have any advantage using that coded. So for now we are not going to include or replace the coded.



I know you evaluated the Lyra V1, but what about the V2?

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