New here, question for TS5 beta testing

Is there a forum section or discord for ts5 beta testers? I am one and would like to stay informed and provide feedback.

Exactly what SYOX posted in here.

TeamSpeak and Discord are competitors so it is highly unlikely they’ll cooperate anytime soon, especially when it comes to business feedback and suggestions.
TS made a new, user-friendly forum for the purpose of keeping it simple to everybody. It also uses myTeamSpeak account, which is really convenient, because you’ll want to have it anyway for every feature in their new client.


LOL…sorry about that. I’ve been so used to using lame discord now.

As testers, there must be a place where we can share our feedback though, no? Instead of just the public stuff.

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Hi, how does one become a Beta test?

You already are. Mankind is basically a long-running beta test. :crazy_face:

Seriously though, you probably meant to ask how to become a beta tester.

If you signed up for the beta with your email address when the beta invitation form was still online, you just have to wait in line until you get your personal invitation email.

If you didn’t sign up, you are basically too late for the closed beta. You will have to either wait for the open beta or quickly grab one of the rare beta invitation codes when they are posted on TeamSpeak’s social media channels.

I would not recommend to beg other people for beta keys. That happens on Reddit all the time and it’s super annoying.


There’s no hidden section. :rofl:


In case you want to share something as a tester and think the report should not be public:
You can use the Help & Support link. This offers you to send a mail to [email protected]