Next Homebase Test

The Test did not work yesterday because the server was overloaded.

This was also due to the fact that many users were online with 2-4 accounts at the same time in order to get more badge codes.

I hope that this will not be the case next time.
I also hope that the Teamspeak staff will keep this in mind next time. ^^


Yeah, up to 50 people connecting at once in few waves can be hard to determine what would happen

Even if Homebase Test failed, it showed other flaws that are present as of now in TS5 Server so after all, it hasn’t gone to waste. Maybe next time it won’t be as bad

And if, it’d better be as funny as yesterday, cause it really was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes. but next time should be looked that no one is online with 3-4 accounts or so.
The people had mostly even the similar name.

The people only want to sell the codes or give them to friends. And that is just not fair :slight_smile:
Therefore, the badge should be bound to the account via the form and not via a code.

^ I thought that was the case but then I was told that a Teamspeak Staff said that you just get a code. ^

But similar nicknames doesn’t 100% mean ”same person”. Yeah, there probably were and will be such people but how to deal with it?

What kind of form you have in mind? How would that form help detecting fraud?

This is a really hard question

If you are referring to me…

I would not have reselled these codes or neither gave them to friends. I was using my 4 test accounts for testing, as I was already using them for Homebase Alpha testing… I was focused on testing and not to get a Badge or multiple for other accounts.

You cannot say that this is the reason why people were online with multiple accounts, because it is the first plausible explanation for you.

Ps: if you are “bashing” on people who might resell codes, you should not consider reselling badges yourself!


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It’s not a code, it would be assigned :stuck_out_tongue: (which is clearly stated in the forum post if you check over it again).

Also we already know people would use more than one account each, why is this harmful if it means more individual scenario’s can be explored? More user cases = more data (be it from an individual or from a community element).

I’m locking this post down as it’s not accurate what you’re sharing to be honest.

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