No DirectX Input?


I’m new to the TeamSpeak Beta. I was eager to finally be able to use a DirectX Input from my HOTAS instead of SCROLL LOCK, since the support for game controllers is broken in TS3 with the Thrustmaster Virtual Device, but it seems there’s no support yet. Is there any plan regarding DirectX Inputs?

There is no support for any controller, joystick, steering wheel at this moment.



Just checking in if there’s any news about this. If not, I’m afraid I have to switch back to TS3 since I just bought a Virpil HOTAS that I cannot program to send keys.

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Unable to bind any buttons for PTT with xbox one or xbox series x controllers.

This works seamlessly out of the box with discord client.

not supported yet.


Yeah, that was quite obvious. I was hoping to get some news about a roadmap or something.

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vkb sticks, win11 (latest), 5.0.0-beta70.

client does not detect when joystick buttons are activated. legacy client works fine… any ideas?

so i take it not on the roadmap?

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