No permissions On TS3 Server i own

I dont have any permissions on my TS3 server to manage role permissions or change icons or do anything can someone help ?

To change your permissions like icons for groups on your server, you need the advanced permissions system. You need to enable this in your TeamSpeak 3 client settings under Application -> Misc -> Advanced permissions system.

Did you rent the server from a hoster or is it hosted locally?

In both cases you usually get a Server Admin Token which you have to redeem on the server to get Server Admin.

yeah i have server admin cos i rent it

Also i alreadt have advanced perms enabled

Well, if you have server admin, you should have enough rights to change the permissions.
What error message do you get?

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i dont

get a error

If you dont get an error or something like that, than you can change all permissions on the Server.

ive done that

Then everything has been cleared up or is there still a problem regarding the permissions?