Official Gamer Badge

Does anyone know why I didn’t receive email with Gamer Badge , account was created on 2/04/2020.
Please let me know


Everyone receives the badge who registered after May 2018.
MyTeamSpeak account registration after May 2018

I done my registration on 02/04/2020 . so it’s after may 2018 ?

This period is above this deadline, you get the Badge if you registered after May 2018 (in 2018)

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I see, thank you

I’m also curious why I didn’t get this email. I registered around mid 2019 but I never got the email. Is it some type of bug or?

It‘s not! You got the badge for a registration during May 2018 to ~ Septembre 2018.

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How can I find out when I created my account if I don’t have the email? Thanks!


I have 2 accounts, but I have never received any code via e-mail, do you have a chance to be interested in one-time use?

yes that would be great ! @atox

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