Often get disconnected from chat

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And I noticed that such a thing happens periodically, I have either online or offline services

Not being connected to the service at all is not the same as presence has wrong status.

You may check your ts chat log for errors.


I didn’t say that in that thread. I meant that for the last week I have been watching how I lose access and get it again after a while.

Hope this is what you need.

The chat log is needed here. But be aware this might be a big file and message you wrote are in there.

So you may clear the file first and when it happens next time attach it here.

You whole post says that you are disconnected from chat service. The other thread was about presence setting itself to invisible. So this report was off-topic.


I removed Client 3 and 5 from the PC, and installed TS5 again, the problem seems to have disappeared.