Only ban client and not the IP Address


If I ban someone via the Teamspeak Client (rightclick to the user and ban) the IP Address is also banned. How can I prevent this. For example some of my friends use the same internet (public WIFI, shared internet in a flat). When I (or someone without access to the Server Query) ban friend1 i also ban friend2 and friend3

How can I prevent this?

Sorry for my bad english.

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You open the banlist and add a ban where you just fill in User’s Unique ID.
In client list or with themes installed you can see the UID.


No way to stop the default action of the right click ban client from banning both, but you can do as TS.ChrisR says and manually add a ban for that user’s UID. Or, go ahead and ban them the normal way and then go into the ban list and delete the ban on the IP.