Open Beta

When starts open Beta for TS5? Or all Teamspeakdeveloper afk?

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The Open Beta will probably start as soon as the Closed Beta is over.

The TeamSpeak developers are certainly not afk when more and more updates are released.


“More and more updates”

Trelloboard: Last Update 28 April :clown_face:

Don’t look on Trello tbh. It’s said even there that everything up there is just to show rough overall of what’s going to be in New TS and is a subject to change (which was did a long time ago).

And yeah, updates are coming, little slow now (we know why, don’t we), but they redone chat system, which was quite not to the standard.

As for the open beta, well, it appears we need to wait.


It’s a bit odd that they still insist on closed beta. I only switch back to TS3 to adjust permissions. TS5 is stable enough to use it as main client.