Open source - Code for Lyra relased (low bitrate speech codec)

Found today :slight_smile:
Google releases the source code for Lyra, its a low bitrate speech codec.
Interesting for Teamspeak developers ?


why does everyone want to put this on ts ? :smiley:
you talked like that 6-10 KiB/s would be a lot.
did you see the dc? thereโ€™s an interesting way there no one complains about eating 10x of that.
plus the interesting thing is that they both use the same codec
just sayin :smiley:


Itโ€™s not open source yet:

Please note that there is a closed-source kernel used for math operations that is linked via a shared object called We provide the library to be linked, but are unable to provide source for it. This is the reason that a specific toolchain/compiler is required.

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Link is not working.

Thanks for this additional info :+1:

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