Option "Comfort Noise" crushes TS5

Option “Comfort Noise” crushes TS5, when I join a server.

For me it works just fine.
Could you describe your problem a little more?

Is that on Linux client? That’s known for us.


I’m using windows 10. I made video showing you this bug. TS BUG - YouTube

This is not a bug but a feature! :rofl:
It prevents you from using such a (imo) useless option…
Just get someone with a not to good headset to use an open mic and you get the same…
But for real this does not look good…
Which Windows build / TS5 version are you using?

I don’t know if I checked correctly, but my windows build is 1903 and my TS5 version is 5.0.0-beta.23

So as 1909 (this is the version - not the build - it’s doesn’t really matter though) is released by now I recommend you to update Windows.
However I do not think that this causes the problem.
Maybe some drivers are not up to date.
But I think you should wait what @TS.ChrisR has to say about this. I honestly have no clue of what could be the problem.

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Can you please give us a log and crashdump for this? We (i) fail to reproduce this.
You find the crashdump and logs under

%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak\User Data\Crashpad\reports

What sound card do you use?

crashdump download link: Upload Files Easily | Free File Upload and Sharing Up To 10GB
Logs: [2020-03-13 15:45:54.435] [info] TeamSpeak Client 5.0.0-beta.23 (2020-03-04 09:3 - Pastebin.com
And I think my sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio.

The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

This is a best error a dev can get :slight_smile: Sadly I can’t do any real debugging as I’m missing the debug database. But let’s hope something comes from this!
The log doesn’t show anything interesting though.