Password Required when trying to Create a new Channel

Password required when trying to create a new Channel.

Channel Groups and Channel Client Permissions - all channels show grayed-out, “b_channel_create_modify_with _force_password.”

CO and 2 XO Client Permissions, b_channel_create_modify_with _force_password Value is Checked but clicking Value does not remove the check mark.

CO and 1 XO are members of ServerAdmin group and they show, “Skip flag enabled for group.” ServerAdmin Group has no Skip Flags checked. b_channel_create_modify_with_force_password in ServerAdmin Group is not checked, but cannot check it.

Really appreciate any suggestions.

Somewhere the permission must be set. But without any overview of all permissions i could only guess.

Please open a permissions overview on yourself.

  • Right click on yourself (or anyone who got the problem)
  • Select Permissions > Permissions Overview
  • Now Search for the permission and you will see where it is coming from

In worst case export the overview as Text (bottom left) and upload it to pastebin and post the the link here.

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Thanks much Chris. I will give it a shot.