Pasting events moves the text

When I copy events that happened in the current channel and paste them into the chat, the text sometimes shifts so that, for example, a space is not taken over.


This is what the system says in the chat window:


Nothing is moved here.

This also happens in the regular theme.

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Can confirm this.


R u using ts3?

No ts5

Ah okay, can confirm this bug.

Another bug is when copying text from events and click on share,
no text will shared to choosen contact.

Not working for me too.

i’ve created a bug request for this.

If this only happens in TS3 chats (copied from ts3 server) , then we are not going to change anything here.
With TS5 servers these chats will be replaced completely.


Thought there is no specific TS5 server?

There is currently no TS5 server.


There will be a TS5 server


Well, okay.
I’ve tested it in chats on the upcoming TS3 Server (version 3.13.7-exp1) and 3.13.6, so I think it’s not a TS5 server.

Thank’s Chris