Pemessi admin

Ciao a tutti,
Avrei un problema con ts3 anche perchè sono nuovo e vorrei chiedervi: se nessuno è admin sul mio server come faccio?
Non c’è un modo per far si che qualcuno sia admin???


This is the way!



Hello everybody,
I would have a problem with ts3 also because I am new and I would like to ask you: if nobody is admin on my server, how can I do it?
Isn’t there a way to make someone be admin ???


Hello everybody,
I am new, I have a problem with ts3.
By mistake i have removed myself from admin
How can i resolve that?

ask the owner to give the admin back to you :smiley:

no one is the admin i was the only one and I accidentally took off

Can’t they email me another permission key?

Need more info! Is it your own server, or one you rent? Do you have ServerQuery access?

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The server in question is mine and by mistake I removed myself from admin and I was also the only admin.
I don’t know what serverquery access is

can u send an email with an permission admin key ?

mac OS X

how can i create a new key with SSH?

thank u very much

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i did it. I generate new key