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Ciao a tutti,
Avrei un problema con ts3 anche perchè sono nuovo e vorrei chiedervi: se nessuno è admin sul mio server come faccio?
Non c’è un modo per far si che qualcuno sia admin???


This is the way!



Hello everybody,
I would have a problem with ts3 also because I am new and I would like to ask you: if nobody is admin on my server, how can I do it?
Isn’t there a way to make someone be admin ???


Hello everybody,
I am new, I have a problem with ts3.
By mistake i have removed myself from admin
How can i resolve that?

ask the owner to give the admin back to you :smiley:

no one is the admin i was the only one and I accidentally took off

Can’t they email me another permission key?

Need more info! Is it your own server, or one you rent? Do you have ServerQuery access?

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The server in question is mine and by mistake I removed myself from admin and I was also the only admin.
I don’t know what serverquery access is

can u send an email with an permission admin key ?

If you downloaded the ts3server files and host them on your server/PC nobody else can help you.

You need to connect to the server via. Telnet or SSH (via. „console prompt“) and create a new privilege key.

What’s your OS the server is running on?

mac OS X

how can i create a new key with SSH?

At the time you started the server the first time, you received a privilege key and the account credentials to the server query account.

You need those server query login credentials and run the terminal on your MAC to connect to the query console via. SSH.

Default SSH port is: 10022

ssh [email protected] -p 10022

Or if you run the command locally.

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thank u very much

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i did it. I generate new key

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