Permission Suggestion. Allowed server groups, tick box

Allowing only specific server groups to join a channel. (Currently the closest we can get is using join powers.)

In the Edit Channel window we could have an “Allowed Server Groups” box where you tick server groups that are allowed to join the channel. (Having all server groups ticked by default.)

In sub channels we could have an option to inherit the Allowed Server Groups settings.

The “Allowed Server Groups” menu could look similar the “Server Groups Dialog” menu on the TS3 client. Right click your name, Set Server Group, Server Groups Dialog.


I like the idea, we need other system for this. In my understanding TS server group rights is based on amount of talk power user has to do something. In some cases communities has several clans in one server and everyone who has higher talk power or same amount, can go disturb others clans. Passwords wouldn’t work either, because nobody likes to use them all time and every channel.


You can use Channel Groups. For Example you can use a Channel group “Allowed to Join” (or something), the Group has the join Power and all Members with this Group in a Specific channel can join the channel.


This would be a nice feature.

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I’m sure the plan is currently to redo a lot of the permissions systems before implementing them into the new client, so any and all suggestions are welcomed.


I used to encounter that problem a lot, now the problem is mostly the fact that people don’t like using channel passwords however, it is a minor inconvenience.
And I believe clients should auto remember passwords if they have already inputted the password before. (I’m not sure about that tho, as I’ve been a server admin on my server for years now, so no need to use passwords…)

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That’s an interesting solution, I’ll have a look at it when I get a chance. :smiley:

That’s exciting. The reason I was looking forward to TS5 was the possibility of a permission system upgrade. :smiley:

I’ve seen some users complaining that it’s too complicated. I actually like the complexity and hope the dev team add to it rather than simplifying it.

Maybe a solution to the permission system being a bit daunting to the average server admin, would be to have an “import/export permissions system” option. That way more experienced server admins can easily export their permission system settings as a template for those starting a new server… Just an idea :thinking: