Permissions that expire at a certain time

Is there a way to create a permission that when given it starts a timer and When that timer stops it will automatically revocate the permission given ?

Example : I give this permission to a person (like he can move around the ts channels ecc… , I set the permission to like expire in 2 days .
Ended those 2 days the permission would expire so he can not move around and can not do anything in the server .

For my knowledge this is only possible if you set up a bot to revoke permissions.
You may use temporary servergroups, the server revokes them on disconnect.

While temporary server groups can work, they can be tricky.

For example, the default server group as configured on the server is programmed so that it’s automatically unassigned when another group is assigned.

This means that if you create a new temporary group with just the “join power” permission and assign it to a user who is only assigned the default group, the default group will be automatically unassigned by the server and the user will loose all privileges except the “join power” which was granted by the new group.

This can be very confusing and forces people to create this type of “flag” group as a copy of the default group so it basically has the same privileges as the default “guest” group plus the extra flags you want to add.

In my eyes, this is a design oversight within TeamSpeak’s permissions system. We should be able to assign extra groups which do not automatically remove the default group.

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