Please Fix the Weblist (TS3)

I assume that covid-19 plays a huge role as offices are maintained from home if I am not wrong. It’s now to think about how to get your home pc setuped so that you can develop from home on all that stuff what you would normaly do at your office/work pc and I don’t think that each TS 3 Staff Dev has taken it’s Dev PC home for that time ^^
So be patient and maybe use more keys to get better search values :slight_smile:

I think its time to change the web serverlist so server owners can add a domain/subdomain and allow the server owners to hide the IP of the server it’s not that hard to do and you guys still see the server IP and for the license and we can get the server more secure and more protection against DDoS … and more…
It’s 2020 … please …

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I feel you totally.

Sure… it has nothing to do with the server release but isn’t it time to change it NOW? TeamSpeak public servers are sadly surrounded by DDoS skid’s which have no better hobbies in their wasted life-time.

Most importantly: We cannot hide or set a proxy to the real server addresses.