[Plugin] [Beta] Telegram Bridge 3.4.1

Let’s see.

  1. This is currently pretty simple. The first message wins!

  2. Yes the Telegram Bot are limited by design.

My bot is hitting limits, how do I avoid this?
When sending messages inside a particular chat, avoid sending more than one message per second. We may allow short bursts that go over this limit, but eventually you’ll begin receiving 429 errors.
If you’re sending bulk notifications to multiple users, the API will not allow more than 30 messages per second or so. Consider spreading out notifications over large intervals of 8—12 hours for best results.
Also note that your bot will not be able to send more than 20 messages per minute to the same group.

(I hit those limits quite a lot so I implemented that only one message every 3 seconds will be send.)
If you actually need all messages to be send I will add a queue again that buffers every message and sends them like 1 message a second until the queue is empty again. However I will not make this by default as I personally don’t like receiving messages long after they were actually send to me.

  1. I think the char limit is pretty big atm. I’ll see if I can increase it to the maximum chat limit.

  2. Not quite sure what you mean with this.

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All groups got negative IDs.
Users got positive IDs.
Both work just fine!

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Is there anyone but @enno123 experiencing problems with the 64 bit version not loading correctly?
Edit: As it turned out my the compiler (build tools) I used were too new for TeamSpeak thus they needed the wrong C++ redistributables and did not load correctly as files were missing.
I will publish an update in a few minutes addressing that issue. If it worked until now there is no need to update as no functionality has changed.

I just polished the settings window for all your crasy skin ideas…
I haven’t tested it again but it should even work with 100px fonts.

And I added this ^^ finally.

I just released version 3.3.1 with some sweet changes.

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crashes with latest version ;/;///

Noooo, that can’t be!
Ok, are you using 32 or 64bit?
And can you give me a crashdump?

I just tested on a fresh Windows 10 eval build both the 32bit and the 64bit binary.
Both worked perfectly fine for me.
You need to give me more information if it is not working for you.

Just released version 3.3.2 - hopefully bug free!
This version was a little rushed and is thus not fully tested but due to only minor changes should be perfectly fine.


Can I add Cyrillic?

It works for me, so I have to assume that the system where this Telegram instance runs on has no font installed that can display these characters.

Changed the font, reloaded, changed the font again. Nothing helps. The font is present in the system.

After roughly 16 months of silence, I changed a few things.

For starters, the plugin is now compiled and served from GitHub servers!
The newer version fully supports TS client version 3.6.0!
I also implemented functionality that removed BBCode and renders as much as possible to Telegram (For example, Telegram sadly does not support colored messages.)

As always, feel free to leave any feedback below!

2022-12-20 v3.4.1
🐛 Fix displayed update download URL
✨ Add minimal BBCode support
♻️ Rework Telegram message template
2022-12-19 v3.4
⬆️ Switch to Qt Version 5.15.2  
📄 Switch to MIT License  
📦️ Move updater to GitHub  
👷 Changed C++ toolset from v140_xp to v140
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