mam problem gdy pobrałem serwer i go odpaliłem to przepadkiem wpisałem inom rubrykę i nie mogę dać sobie operatora a jak jeszcze raz pobiorę to nie działa dalej liczę o pomoc

This is the way!

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Here is the Translation:
I have a problem when I downloaded the server and started it, I forgot to enter inom the box and I can’t give myself an operator, and if I download it again, it doesn’t work, I’m counting on help

Here’s more accurate one:
I have a problem cause I downloaded server and when i opened it I accidentally checked/inputted (Translator’s Note: I’m not sure, cause I’ve never set up server) wrong box/column (TN: As above…) and I’m unable to give myself Server Operator and when I’ll download server once more, it doesn’t work. Please help.

P.S. This topic and Help with the ts3 server are the same. Could somebody close one of them?