Possible account issue? new account doesn't have the issue

So I have an interesting issue that seems to be account specific. I Host a TS3 server for me and a friend to use while gaming I set my account to owner on the server or attempted to but as soon as I entered the server priv key and now this account cant connect to any chat or any server creating a new account I’ve been able to continue using TeamSpeak but would like being able to use this account. Anyone run into this or know of a fix?
This is the error i get in every chat

Looking through the logs it just shows a lot of connecting and disconnecting from push system no other real info.

Edit: I do see a warning – “[warning] failed to move home - error handling triggered: moveHome origin and target are the same: @aeqxjncsxkeckoqhfelsk347sr6qwftc2mdtzvvbibgejkowxz26u===:chat-1.tmspk.net”

Have a look at this Threads and see if these steps fixed the problem:

If this does not help, you may need to wait until most of the Team is back at work next week.

Using this i was able to reconnect to my server but chats are still broken.

Which logs do you want to see?

If i had to take a guess it would be the encryption keys are jacked on this account.

the chat side of things seems to have fixed it self now so everything is working