Presence is not deleted

I wrote a few days ago with @Rikku who had the same bug.

Now I have this already with 2 contacts.

Apparently for some reason the JSON object for the presence is not deleted, the contact does not go offline either.

The problem is, the contact is not online and also currently not on the server.

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First of all, I think you’re in the wrong section. This has nothing to do with TS Mobile. Furthermore, this is actually nothing new. This has happened many times before and it happened all the time several months ago.

In my opinion, the problem is when switching from TS5 PC to TS Chat. Because TS Chat keeps the session as online and the server presence is not deleted.

I never had this type of error in the entire period of testing TeamSpeak5, I only had the error that contacts no longer went offline.

Well, since I don‘t have TS Chat, I don‘t think so :joy:.

I have already experienced this with @OLFMSQL in November. Have a look at the following thread

I noticed this problem as well that @Cornelius showed a fake presence. This happened a while ago too

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The issue isn’t the Chat client. It’s the nice and not working presence system Matrix introduced.
That’s not a bug.

When user does close his client while he is connected to a server and still has a second pc or chat client running with same account, then last presence status stays as long it was changed at least once OR all chat connections are closed for more than 90 seconds (default value) to timeout.


That makes sense, thanks for the plausible explanation.

Thought about that issue. Made a ticket where client should update the shared server on close (not kill).