Problem when I join my server

When I start my server it seems like I’m joining a server where I’m not the host. I join with the info given to me by the prompt when I start for THE FIRST TIME!!! Please someone help me!!!

Can you post your Client Log please. :slight_smile:

Where do I find it?

Is it this?

Do you get any error message in the Client if you try to connect to your Server?


When you start the server for the first time you receive a privilege key. Upon connecting you are prompted to enter this key. Then you’ll get the server admin group.

I’m not prompted to enter the key. That’s the problem. It’s like I’m connecting to a whole different server.

In TeamSpeak 3:

Permissions -> Use Privilege Key

In TeamSpeak 5:

Right click server name -> Use Privilege Key

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The server in the background doesn’t look newly created.
Any privilege key can just be redeemed once. So the server you connect to after creation needs to be blank.

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the privilege key is stored in the log file, however the query access credentials are not for obvious security reasons.
Either way since the box only appears if the server is started for the first time just stop the server, delete the ts3server.sqlitedb and start it again this time copy or save the information displayed. The server is accessible and working even if the window is still being displayed so there is no hurry closing it.

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@GAMINGPUG2121 is your Problem solved? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. I’m gonna send you now the video link.

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Your server address is “localhost” in your case. The login name “serveradmin” and the password are only for the query login.

The server you connect to in the video is not yours. The server only has “serveradmin” as server nickname.

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OK Thanks.

Also If I don’t answer I may have gotten the message “We’ve reached the maximum number of replies you’ll be able to reply to a post in [hours/minutes].”

Finally I got in! Thanks @Cornelius!

You’re welcome! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

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