Problem with the default channel

The exact point is that someone who has no permissions can connect to temporary channels using bookmarks.

Ah okay, that’s a different story.

Well if you use a bookmark to connect, the client doesn’t open the connection and joins your bookmarked channel, it basically connects right into the channel.

This can only happen if you haven’t set a needed join power in every (public) channel.
(higher than the guest client join power)

I’m not sure this can also be dealt with the client join power and needed join power.
You should probably try this out.

Can’t test it myself at the moment unfortunately.

Anyway you can restrict this behavior as mentioned.


This can be done with permanent channels, but on temporary channels I can’t set the connection power every time.

There is no connection power for any channel type.

The user has no permission to join the channel (join power is to low or join temporary is disabled) or does not know the password.
In your case the user does not have the right group in target channel to join it.

The Server’s default channel itself ignores any join power on connect.


Did I misunderstand the thread autor or did you?

His guests doesn’t join temporarily channels, he just connects right into them using a bookmark.


From what i understood is that they do not have join power or the permission to join temporary channel.
Without any error and/or permissions overview shown here I guess what could match ;D

Permission checks in current and target channel happen when user is connected already.
When user connects there is no current channel to check against. Only the target channel exists.
Results may differ.


Yes, I think you got it right. A guest who connects to my default channel (waiting room) cannot enter temporary channels. When he enters the temporary channel as the default one during connection, he will connect it to the temporary channel.

And the goal is that only after getting the right ranks, you can enter the temporary channels.

simply remove this
from the guest group.


This is not marked.

obraz obraz

I set it to negation, it gives nothing, it can still be connected to the temporary channel.

Wow, you are completely right. I just tested it and I guess this should definitely not happen!

@TS.ChrisR It seems b_channel_join_temporary is not checked at connect and only at channel switch thus resulting in a client being able to join channels they are not allowed to join.

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As said.

Not sure if that is a bug or not. Need to wait till next week.


Yes but even when the channel permissions have no influence on the overall permissions of the client
(b_client_join_temporary is set as server group permission) it is ignored when the target channel is indeed temporary.

ofc. Love how passionate you are about TS that you are still on the forum at 1 am local time!

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Thanks for all the answers, which is a bug from TeamSpeak, now wait for it to be repaired;) Thanks for the answers

Alright, so no misunderstanding from my side.

But oof…

I thought this is supposed to happen like I mentioned above.
Really wondering if this intended to be like so…

Thinking logically about this behavior results in it doesn’t make any sense.
(skipping the required permission or join power at connect)

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That’s not what this is about.


Sorry Gamer. Did not want to be rude :slight_smile:

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Alles gut!

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