Problems with ports

I am having problems with team speck ports and I do everything they said to do but …
I think the problem is that I have two routers connected to each other and the ports are open.
please help!!


Nice typo.

You need to provide at least some infos for us.

What exactly isn’t working as supposed to?
Which ports did you enable in your router?
Did you allow the server application to pass the firewall or at least the required ports?

A lot of people are forgetting the local firewall.


Thanks for your quick answer.

  1. I honestly have no idea what is going wrong.
  2. Enable ports: 9987 with UDP protocol 10011 with TCP protocol and 30033 With TCP protocol.
  3. The firewall is working properly and allows access.
    PS: You can ignore the part where you said that I have 2 routers and when I use a web application ( to see if the ports are open it says that the connection was rejected I don’t know if it is a problem the damn router that is very male but i don’t know.

Xd for the error is that I am from Argentina

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