Public Chat System

A publicly visible chat channel that allows you to easily share info with your community.

Have it read only, mods only, members only, everyone can talk…

Your Community. Your Rules. :slight_smile:


Is that what I think it is? But why just “a chat channel” Can’t we have more? Even if its paid for each server we would like to allot spare chat channels which are publically visible to everyone on the server.

I would just love to see this system. The only big thing missing in a community. Good job :slight_smile:


That’s what I was looking for :blue_heart:
a chat for broadcasting messages to the community.

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We really need to be able to setup multiple server chat channels strongly tied to the permission system.

I want to be able to manage a big community without having to rely to other applications, like discord.

Well, the day they introduce the chat system, the community gets stronger 5x times.

I strongly believe they can monetize the public chat system as it is supposed to be hosted on their server (as far as I think) but you should also ensure that our data privacy ain’t breached due to this.

You should have left some nice space in teamspeak 5. (like a separate section for chats). The way we can see that these channels are associated with the server.

I also wanna ask whether this chat system will be available for Teamspeak 3 as well?

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I would like the idea to use a normal channel as chat channel and disable voice on it. Also maybe set a checkbox to enable permanent chat and also separate the users in this channel from the normal voice useres in the usercount to not fill up the serverslots with members of the chat channel.

That is already doable. Simply set the Needed Talk Power to a value over 75.

That is - using a lot of imagination - indeed doable. But realistically no one would ever use it that way. Users must be able to chat in a different channel than they are voicing in.

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ATM There is no way to have a perm chat on a server so no this is not doable.

The way you phrased it, this (with the context of your answer) one request can be interpreted as two separate requests. That’s what I did any way. :upside_down_face:

Thanks :smiley:

I would only like to ask you whether the public chat system you making here will be server sided or teamspeak sided?

What I am trying to ask is whether the chat data will be stored on dedicated server owned by the user himself or the server systems of teamspeak?

just think about it .
your community, your server, public chat .
i think this will be server sided so all data will be stored on dedicated server owned by the user himself :smiley:


Well it will be great if its server sided but If they are using global chat as the basis of development for the server chat then it will not be server sided.

Plus this chat can give them a whole lot of profit if they develop it correctly.

well, we we’ll see :thinking:

No, thanks. I’d rather want TeamSpeak to respect my privacy and keep server chats where they belong.


Any progress with this?

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Looking for any update on this feature. Its been 3 months since my last post. Yes its one of the features that should be in development mode but as nothing productive is going on TS forum since a while I decided we should bring back the important topics that must matter.

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We only have a small development team so these things take time. As soon as we have announcements you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Additionally, I know a lot of the developers do read these forums, so the more you guys post, the more the developers have to go on in terms of what features you all want and what features you all need.

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