Public Comunity Server (Badge Idea)


The Public Community Server is not easy to find. Every new user need to find the Channel “[• Visit our Community Server •]” on the Test Server (that is added to the Favorites by default). Sometimes It is easier to find an a easter egg in some software as this community server :slight_smile:

Because that, all user, they have found this server, should have an badge as an award of this performance.

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This is a… terrible idea.


There is also a server nickname about the server.
You can also connect with this: Official TeamSpeak Public Community Server

But what’s the point of that? No reason to do this if you ask me :slight_smile:


The badge would be a possibility to advertise the server.

“Official TeamSpeak Public Community Server” - That is not realy an easy name to remember or guess it.

Or the server could be added or pronounced in the favorites?


i like it

I don’t know, if this new badge is already necessary.

But there’s one more thing… about the official community server.

TeamSpeak needs in my opinion an OFFICIAL Community Server. This should be a great step to get more in touch with the whole TeamSpeak Community, and this is what we also want since years… or just many of us.

There is VOICE.TEAMSPEAK.COM - I’ve got no idea who is moderating this server, and I don’t really like it too. And yes, I know it is just a “testing”-server for internal purposes. There ahead… it’s still the biggest TeamSpeak Server worldwide, because of his default server address.

But to be honest… I would really like it, if TeamSpeak would move an official community server, which is also favorited or better to find by anyone.

The community server which is active now, is NOT a community server, even if it’s susposed to be one. The only thing I do see are some channel admin’s and everytime the same peoples, who are using this teamspeak server for many years now.

But in this case, there ahead should just be an bigger & known community server, and where some trusted volunteers can moderate the server or channel’s.

We don’t need to change the server, but we can make this server bigger, better and stronger. :wink:
And that’s how an community is susposed to be.

The “real” Official Community TeamSpeak… that’s the awesome part! :smiley:


I don’t think that’s a good idea.

I agree with @MCG

I aggree completely to @MCG
In the early years of TeamSpeak 3, were the two servers (test & community) together and there was a way better connection between the TeamSpeak Community.

In addition, it’s TeamSpeak, which means that it’s literally to communicate with voice. I am not against the communication through the forum but it may be interesting to hear some voices “behind the scenes”. :wink:

Afterall I do like @kizuzi’s idea of an “award” to find the Official Community Server.


I’m also agree with that.

As first, the idea was a joke from me and someone on the community server have told m, I should write it into the forum.

In my opinion the badges are in general a small toy. I do not need that. But If that could make a usefull advertising, why not :slight_smile:


@Adam is this a good idea? :slight_smile:

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