Push to talk issues with "Wheel and Leds" device

Hi alltogether,

I’m using a Polsimer Wheel for Simracing.
It works fine in every software except with Teamspeak.

If I try to use PTT and assign a Button it show “Button 20” e.g. in the little Box.
But it seems that TS doesn’t catch the button release command.

Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support is installed (also didn’t work without)
Mainboard is Asus X570 gaming e
CPU Ryzen 9 3900x

Any Ideas?

I am having the exact same issue as you, Exact same Computer Specs. Did you find a fix yet @Olli_itz?

Hi Colin,

No fix yet. Tried a USB 2.0 Hub because it worked on my older PC with USB 2.0.
No Ideo what I could try to make it work.

Can you assign the “button 20” as a keyboard key ?

Don’t exactly understand what you mean.
I can use any Keyboard button and it works fine.
“STRG” e.g. would work.

i mean can you assign a keyboard button to the button 20 on your steering wheel software

unfortunately not.
But I tried with 2 emulators that emulate a Keyboard stroke when I press a button at the wheel.
Still doesnt work.

Drivers and text boxes show the correct button press. Only Teamspeak isn’t working at all

well when you connect to a teamspeak server do you use the profile for hotkeys where the push to talk is assigned ?

Yes - but it doesnt work in the option settings as well

If when you assign a ptt key teamspeak can detect the button 20 then it must be detected when you are connected to a server.
Do you have teamviewer or any screenshare software ?

it does catch the button - it shows “button 20” in the box - but the box won’t close

Yeah i just tried it’s like if the button is still pressed even if you release it.
What is the exact reference of your steering wheel ?

What reference do you mean? It shows up as Wheel & Leds

The Wheel is a F74LED Formula Wheel

Hi again,
So since the problem came from the teamspeak interpretation of signal,
i made some research to root the button to keyboard key and i might have found an interesting software.
You said you already tried with 2 emulators.
What was the names of thoses ?