Push to talk not working when im in a ts server

When I’m not in a server my push to talk mic works but whenever I join a server and use push to talk it won’t work. Please help me with this because I cant use TeamSpeak anymore since I’m only in servers where I need to use push to talk. I’ve tried looking in other forums but it just says make sure the playback and capture and hotkey is correct and what I know mine are correct but it still won’t work

What for a key have you binded?

Ive tried many keys and none works in servers. I’m currently trying to make it mouse button 5

Check your Hotkey Profile

Another possible cause of the issue can be your hotkey profile. If the wrong hotkey profile is selected in the settings, your microphone will not activate and hence prevent you from communicating with others. Therefore, you will have to make sure that the correct hotkey profile is selected if you have created one. Otherwise, you will have to make sure that the correct hotkey is assigned to the push to talk option. Do the following to check your hotkey profile:

  1. To check your hotkey profile, click on the Self option in the menu bar of Teamspeak.
  2. After that, move your cursor to the Hotkey Profile option and make sure that the correct profile is marked.
  3. Alternatively, you can go to the Tools option and then select Options from the drop-down menu.
  4. Afterwards, switch to the Hotkeys tab and make sure that the correct profile is selected.


works now. Thanks!

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You are welcome. :slight_smile:

If you have any other Questions, feel free to ask here. :slight_smile:

i have made sure that the correct hotkey is there and it still doesnt work

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Without more information I can just give some guesses =)
First, make sure the correct hotkey profile is selected too, as described above.

I experience my hotkeys (under Windows 10) not working if either TeamSpeak or my game was launched as administrator, while the other was not. When both are launched in the same configuration, hotkeys worked fine.

Another bit I can throw in is, that as far as I know, if u use Mac OS, you need to change system settings in order for TeamSpeak to be allowed to always watch for all keyboard inputs in order to notice hotkeys.

Push to talk will not work but continuous transmission does, i cannot speak when i hold down my hot key and have tried everything.

Try these steps:

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My push to talk is not working. I feel I have tried everything I have had to do to fix it, but it still will not work. I have had friends of mine also try and help me fix it. We found out it wasn’t my mic or anything with my audio devices, and that it is push to talk. I have tried unbinding it and using new keybinds, and it won’t even let me do a mic test. Voice activation works on the other hand, but that doesn’t cut it for what I use Teamspeak for.

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