[Question] Best practice for disconnecting a webquery

The Webquery does not (yet?) support the logout or quit commands. Is there a best practice for disconnecting a webquery client from a server? Currently the webquery just stays on the server (and is displayed to have joined sometime in December 1969 (negative unix timestamp?)) Since the default for simultaneous connection is 5, this could potentially lead to some problems, if someone makes heavy use of multiple serverqueries. I know, that the serverquery client is reusable, when you again send a webquery command to the server.
Is there maybe a feature planned, which would me allow to set a timeout or something similar for the webquery, either as a command send by the webquery or as a setting on the server? Or a command to tell the server, that I don’t need the webquery client anymore and it therefore can terminate the connection?
Philipp Schöppner