Question: C++ query library?


I am currently searching a C++ library to connect to a teamspeak 3 server via webquery. Has anyone ever used something like that? Does anyone know where I could find this?


The webquery (i think you mean http/s?) is quite new, I don´t think there’s a c++ library available yet. I am currently writing an implementation in go for it if that helps.

Do you have a github site for your drafts? I’d like to try it, thanks.

It is in a really early state. It is on github, but currently it’s a private repo. I think i will put it in public by the end of the week.

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Any updates/previews?

Thanks for your interest. I think I will need a few more days. I want to have a usable library before making it public.

Finally I got to a point where are enough features to make the repository public.

Please note, that it is WIP and definitely just an api-wrapper and no bot-framework.
I implemented a simple event system (using raw), but that is REALLY wip!

You can find the repo link here.

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